Dr. Kim Hires

Dr. Kim Hires

Keynote Speaker| Consultant | Coach | Author

Step into the world of transformative leadership with Dr. Kim Hires. As a global thought leader, Dr. Hires has dedicated the last ten years to shaping leaders and nurturing organizational cultures that thrive. With a rich tapestry of experiences woven from renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins University, the NIH, CDC, and the University of Miami, she brings a unique perspective to the table.

Dr. Hires’ journey is one of continuous learning and innovation. She has been an award-winning Professor in the US and has an honorary professorship at Durban University of Technology in South Africa. Her passion spills onto the pages of “The Leadership Innovation Manifesto,” where she unlocks the secrets to embracing change.

She is not just an author; she’s a catalyst for growth. As a member of the HBR Advisory Council, Dr. Kim shapes the conversations that define leadership in the modern era. From boardrooms to virtual team huddles, she has coached and inspired teams worldwide, leaving a trail of empowered leaders in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and South Africa.

Dr. Hires’ journey isn’t just about accumulating knowledge; it’s about embodying it. Trained by luminaries such as John Maxwell, ICF, Regenerative Academy, Positive Intelligence, and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, she harnesses the power of wisdom and practice to create sustainable change.

Contact Dr. Kim to join you on your leadership journey, where every step forward is a testament to our collective potential.

Vision, Mission, and Values


To foster a world where individuals find purpose and fulfillment in their professional journeys, where businesses thrive by embracing a holistic approach to well being, and where innovation not only benefits the bottom line but regenerates individuals, communities, and the planet.



To support working professionals on a transformative journey where work and wellness coexist harmoniously.




Wellness First

1. Holistic Well-being: We prioritize the physical, mental, and emotional health of our employees and clients alike.
2. Compassionate Care: We foster a culture of empathy and support, ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.
3. Innovation in Wellness: We continuously seek new approaches to promote wellness, staying at the forefront of research.
4. Collaboration: We believe in working together to achieve wellness goals, leveraging diverse talents and perspectives.
5. Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our operations, earning the trust and respect of our stakeholders.


Paradigm Shifts

1. Bold Vision: We challenge the status quo and strive to lead by example, driving transformative change.
2. Open-mindedness: We embrace new ideas and perspectives, recognizing that innovation thrives in an environment of diversity and inclusion.
3. Adaptability: We remain flexible and agile in the face of change, seizing opportunities for growth and evolution.
4. Accountability: We take ownership of our actions and decisions, holding ourselves to the highest standards of responsibility.
5. Impact-driven: We measure success not only by financial metrics but also by our ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of every Client and ultimately the world.


Regenerative Approach

1. Empowerment: We empower individuals and communities to cultivate regenerative solutions, fostering resilience and self-sufficiency.
2. Systems Thinking: We approach challenges holistically, recognizing the interconnectedness of all living systems and the importance of balance and harmony.
3. Continuous Learning: We embrace a growth mindset, continuously seeking to deepen our understanding of regenerative principles and practices.
4. Collaboration: We collaborate with partners and stakeholders across sectors to amplify the impact of regenerative initiatives, catalyzing positive change on a global scale.

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