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Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Hires, Founder & CEO

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Centuries old modes of working are not sustainable with the current workforce, social conditions, and emerging global wealth economy. Dr. Kim helps leaders and organizations move out of Survival Mode so they can thrive. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations to create communities that are less stressed, regenerative, inclusive, and innovative – key pillars of future driven leadership needed to build forward.

How do we build forward?

Our relationship with work is broken.


Current approaches to work as individuals and as a society are limiting, susceptible to burnout and illness, destroyed by disruption, and activates Crisis Mode when faced with the slightest uncertainty. We have known that this approach was not sustainable for some time. The COVID-19 crisis alerted the world to just how much needs to be done.


Our relationship with work is guided by three questions:
1. Why do we work?
2. How do we work?
3. Where do we work?


Future driven leaders need to keep these questions at the forefront of planning after the COVID crisis. The answers will vary depending on the level of leadership, culture, industry and other factors but we need to hear from everyone. To not create a work environment where work is on the wellness continuum and not at odds with wellness is a missed opportunity as we build for the future.


Dr. Kim understands the dangers that can occur for individuals, communities, and organizations when leaders do not have a healthy relationship with work. Her inspiring talks, coaching, and consulting packages give leaders and organizations the tools they need to build a future that facilitates wellness. It will be a Culture of Wellness that sets organizations apart.

A Quick Look At Services Offered

Strategic Consulting

Dr. Kim helps leaders and organizations understand specific factors that are contributing to work related stress with in-depth analysis, identify critical opportunities, then co-create strategic action oriented recommendations.

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Join the Leadership Antidote Academy for access to online courses and tools for small, consistent doses of leadership development. Health futures need healthy leaders with good self-awareness, developed interpersonal skills and effective stress management.

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Regenerative recovery from Burnout and applying purposeful innovation to leadership and life are key topics for building for the future. Dr. Kim is passionate about helping leaders and organizations like yours future your people power.

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High Achievers who seek Dr. Kim’s services desire to perform in ways that help them feel limitless, fulfilled, and healthy. From 360 degree leadership assessments for Executives to burnout prevention programs for Early Careerists, Dr. Kim has tools and strategies for it all.

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Happy Clients!

  • She was very engaging and confident. I found her Keynote compelling and passionate. I think she would be an excellent speaker for some of your other events. We NEED this kind of discussion within healthcare. Her background as a RN in infectious disease lends her credibility with healthcare professionals, and its time we shake things up on the healthcare side!

    Conference Attendee at the Tennessee Oncology Practice Society Annual Conference in Nashville, TN, USA

  • Dr. Kim’s unique focus on burnout from the perspective of science, wellness, and community health really resonated with our small business community. We loved all the actionable steps and perspectives offered in her Keynote. It was one of our favorite sessions!

    Zoe, Event Coordinator at Emblossom Herbal Conference (Virtual)

  • Dr Kim’s Keynote has lead to many critical conversations at our organization, beyond the team that was present. We are seeing positive change as a result of this talk.

    Lorin, Culture Operations & Events Lead at Shopify, Inc in Ottawa, Canada

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