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Who checks on the Leaders?

Leadership Burnout is ‘The Wall.‘ It’s the intersection of exhaustion, frustration/anger, destroyed confidence and a forgotten Why. Leadership Burnout is an epidemic and every industry is affected.

Why are Leaders more susceptible to burnout?

1. The responsibility of leadership makes leaders more vulnerable.

2. Most Leaders are High Performers who struggle with Perfectionism.

3. No one tells Leaders that “winning or succeeding at all costs” is a toxic mindset with lifelong consequences.

4. Leaders are charged with monitoring for burnout in their team but need an objective eye to identify burnout in themselves. 

That’s where I come in… 


I’m Dr. Kim

I’m a Leadership Coach and Burnout Survivor. I help leaders take off the heavy armor of their professional roles to realign their passion, purpose, performance and resources to create lives and careers that are joyful, productive and impactful lives.


Work With Me


What practices and policies are in place to support your Leaders? High leadership turnover is a sign that misalignment is rampant within the organization. Dr. Kim’s customized consulting packages  will help your organization identify, implement, and evaluate strategies to help your Leaders thrive.

Leader Development

Leadership Development starts with Self Development. We lead not from what we know but from the essence of who we are. Leadership burnout occurs when a Leaders’ passion, purpose, performance and resources are misaligned. Dr. Kim offers a variety of tools to help Emerging Leaders, Mid-level Leaders, and Senior Executives expand their capacity, evolve and transform on their Leadership Journey. 


Dr. Kim doesn’t just deliver a talk. She breaks through the professional armor that holds so many leaders back. She finds the human behind the armor and taps into them within the first 90 seconds. Part story-teller, strategist and coach, she balances vulnerability with empowerment causing audiences to feel aware and encouraged, and ready to implement new knowledge and tools right away.  

What I Do

Help Emerging Leaders, Mid-Level Leaders, and Senior Executives


1. Prevent burnout. OR  Recover from burnout.


2. Reconnect with their Why.


3. Optimize their joy.


4. Accelerate their performance.


5. Run their leadership race whole.


Coaching works if you’re willing to do the work

Leader Development is intentional & purposeful.

Leader Development is a constant process of self-evolution and expansion.  Dr. Kim can walk with you through every stage. Whether you are preparing for your first leadership role (Emerging Leader), ready for the next stage (Mid-level Leader) or are a veteran Leader and want a new perspective to on how to be better (Senior Executive), Leader Development is for you! 

Kim 1 on 1

The essence of coaching is the ability to understand you: to think how you think, and understand your perspective. From this benchmark, I place another perspective on top of yours – stretching and growing you to gently see a more empowering way. Done right, coaching demolishes limiting paradigms.

Dr. Kim

I normally tune out when we have a speaker. That sounds terrible to say but we have so many things to do. But I could not stop listening to Dr. Kim! Every word out of her mouth spoke to my soul!

There are very few people I know who light up a room when entering it. Now Dr. Kim has made this list of being one of those people in my book. Dr. Kim not only owns the room she commands your attention with her engaging smile and professional demeanor which she maintains at all times.

Dr. Lisa Jasper, DNP, MBA, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, FACHE

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