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Work with Dr. Kim


Dr. Kim offers keynote speaking as well as B2C and B2B consulting and coaching services across different sectors and in a variety of industries. Dr. Kim’s client portfolio includes mid to senior level leaders, startups, small businesses, and large organizations with over $1 billion in annual revenue.


Whether in-person or joining virtually, Dr. Kim breaks through the professional armor that holds leaders back and weighs them down. Within the first 90 seconds she finds the human under the armor, grabs them by the hand and takes them through moments that will never leave them the same. Story-teller, strategist and coach, she is relatable, educational and inspiring. In a world filled with information, Dr. Kim brings wisdom to ignite immediate action in her keynotes. Experience the energy and transformation of a live presentation by Dr. Kim.

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Top 3 Requested Speaking Topics

Building Forward: How to Leverage Burnout to Spark Innovation

Best for: ALL

This unique and engaging program will captivate every attendee as they learn about the power in keeping perspective with burnout. Burnout can be a powerful tool for sparking innovation when leveraged to transform the culture of an organization. Attendees will walk away understanding how burnout communicates a need for change, and identify key opportunities to make the organization a regenerative, burnout proof space where all employees thrive.

Better & Different: The Power of Belief in Driving Innovation

Best for: Senior Leaders

Innovation has become one of the most sought-after commodities in the business world. Across all industries, organizations are striving to be more innovative and find new ways to bring value to their customers. But what is innovation, really? And how can you achieve it in your own organization? A large part of driving innovation comes down to belief – believing that you can create something better and different, and then putting that belief into action. In this inspiring program, attendees will explore the power of belief in driving innovation and walk away with core beliefs needed to create a culture of innovation within their own organizations.

Black Swans, White Swans & Canaries: How Can They Help Us Lead After the Crisis?

Best for: Mid to Senior Level Leaders

In this thought provoking program, Dr. Kim inspires attendees to answer: What does it mean to lead after a crisis? While the world is still reeling from the COVID crisis, organization leaders are working hard to figure out what comes next. For many, this pandemic has forced them to re-think every aspect of business. Navigating these uncharted waters can be difficult, but not impossible. What if we could predict the future? Dr. Kim helps attendees learn that there are ways to better understand and prepare for unforeseen events by prioritizing the well-being of organizations’ most valuable asset: the People.

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Strategic Consulting is initiated with an in-depth, objective analysis of a high level challenge in the organization. Based on the analysis, strategic recommendations are provided to the organization.

Strategic Consulting Package

Corporate Burnout Assessment

Average Project Length: 5 Weeks

When burnout is rampant in an organization, many initiatives to improve performance are implemented in vain. When employees are exhausted and report experiencing burnout, it’s important to complete an objective, in-depth analysis. Using standardized assessments, Dr. Kim and her team will identify your employees’ burnout profiles, determine areas of work causing significant stress to employees, understand barriers to execution of vision and goals, provide a common language for the organization to discuss burnout and identify opportunities for support that will reduce burnout and intent to leave, and improve employee well-being.

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Coaching is a partnership (defined as an alliance, not a legal business partnership) between the Coach and the Client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires Clients to maximize personal and professional potential. The Leadership Journey is complex, stressful, and exhausting. Leaders benefit from customized, confidential coaching that provides valuable insight to Clients’ unique challenges. Coaching is designed to facilitate Clients meeting goals related to leadership development, burnout recovery or prevention, and optimal living.

Coaching Packages

1:1 Coaching

Dr. Kim offers 6-month and 12-month 1:1 Coaching packages for mid to senior level leaders. Packages include 1:1 virtual sessions with Dr. Kim; burnout assessments to identify work stressors; additional individualized assessments that identify self-sabotaging behaviors that cause Clients to get stuck, and other assessments as needed; integration of strategies and tools to support improving thought processes and behaviors that help Clients move forward.

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Group Coaching

Cohorts are assembled a few times a year and last for 10 weeks. Leveraging synergy with quality leaders can have an accelerating effect on improved well-being, goal achievement and leadership development. Led by Dr. Kim, Group Coaching Sessions are held on specific dates throughout the program. Between live group sessions, Clients complete self-paced activities, assessments, and other tools.

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Corporate Coaching

As the world moves on from the crisis, developing and refining stress management skills that increase self-awareness, manage burnout, and develop the leadership skills needed to thrive in VUCA environments will help leaders to be even greater value-added partners to the organization. Investing in leadership coaching specific to burnout will deliver strong ROI. The ability to manage work-related stress can improve leadership performance, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. Dr. Kim offers 1:1 Coaching Sessions and Group Coaching Sessions for leadership teams.

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