Stop Hating Your Mondays: Self-Help Workbook


This workbook is filled with proven exercises and powerful strategies to help you shift your mindset in ONE weekend.



Reality: You’re not the only person who hates Mondays! There’s nothing inherently dreadful about Mondays. It’s just another day of the week. And yet we give that day of the week so much power. Why? This workbook is filled with exercises and powerful strategies to help you shift your mindset in ONE weekend!

The activities in this workbook will help you:

  • Identify your Monday Obstacles
  • Know how your attitudes. towards Mondays may be contributing to your burnout.
  • Learn how to Heal in Place (because everyone cannot leave right away.
  • Reconnect with your Why
  • Learn how to instantly determine what deserves your energy at work.
  • Reclaim your Power with daily and weekly tactical strategies.

And start to enjoy every day of your week!

This workbook is included in the Course Bundle for Stop Hating Your Mondays, however, you are welcome to purchase it separately here if you want to work through the workbook at your own pace.

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