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About Dr. Kim

It took Dr. Kim hitting rock bottom and planning her own suicide before she finally realized that who she is will always be more important than what she did for a living. Six months of therapy, six months of coaching plus three solid years of self-work and she is grateful to be on the other side. For the last few years, Dr. Kim has worked with leaders across industries and all over the world to overcome leadership burnout, clarify their purpose, reignite their passion and perform better than ever before.

Leveraging over a decade of experience in healthcare, higher education and training, Dr. Kim’s programs provide strategies and tools for leaders to create lives marked by excellence and optimal performance while avoiding burnout. Whether working with clients 1:1 or in groups, on her weekly podcast or wrapping up audiences in her storytelling and infectious energy from the stage, Hires wants every leader to get across the finish line Whole.

Dr. Kim doesn’t just deliver a speech. She breaks through the professional armor that holds so many leaders back. She finds the human behind the armor and taps into them within the first 90 seconds. As a 2018 Atlanta Woman of Year by People You Need to Know Magazine, your audience will get to know Dr. Kim. Part story-teller, strategist and coach, she balances vulnerability with empowerment causing audiences to feel aware and encouraged but most of all empowered.

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Joy to Lead Podcast

June 2020

From the Host:

Today leadership burnout educator and coach Dr. Kim Hires shares about her journey through leadership burnout. We talk about how to prevent burnout by hiring a community, not simply a team – guys, it’s GOLD!

Crashing head-first into Leadership Burnout was the wake-up call Dr. Kim needed to take a step back and realign her passion, purpose, resources and performance.

Full shownotes at www.joytolead.com/kim-hires 

University of Miami: McWilliams-Miller Series

Host: Sigma Theta Tau Beta Tau Chapter

March 2020 in Coral Gables, FL

Global Ties US

March 2020

George Washington University

February 2020

Global Ties 2020 National Meeting

January 2020 in Washington, DC

Lyfe-Aligned Podcast

Host: Crystal Holloway

January 2020 

UAPRN & GNA Annual UNITY Conference

November 1, 2019   Atlanta, GA

The Human Leader Podcast

November 2019 

Host: Executive Coach Colleen Davis

Johannesburg, South Africa

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