Leadership Alignment Coaching Packages

Schedule a Coaching Discovery Call

Schedule a 30 minute Coaching Discovery Call with Dr. Kim. Meet Dr. Kim, learn about coaching and decide if coaching is right for you.

Coaching Sessions

After your Discovery Call, a series of Coaching Sessions will be scheduled for you and Dr. Kim. Coaching Package sessions range from 2 weeks to 6 months based on clients’ goals and needs.¬†

Accountability Calls

At the end of the Coaching Phase, Dr. Kim conducts 10 minute Accountability Calls with clients once a month to ensure satisfaction with coaching and continued client success.

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A list of Dr. Kim’s Popular Progams are listed below.

Misaligned: Why Good Leaders Burnout

Over 50% of Leaders experience burnout, yet most organizations fail to notice. Worst, most Leaders fail to notice until it’s too late. Hear Dr. Kim’s story and know the 4 questions every leader needs to ask to conquer burnout.

Human-based Leadership

Global disruption in every industry has caused shifts in every facet of operation except leader development. In the age of evidence-based and AI, we are losing sight of our most important asset: being human. Reconnecting with our humanness is the leader success strategy for the 21st century leader.

Better & Different: Leadership Innovation Manifesto

Every success or failure is determined by our thoughts. Innovation initiatives and strategies will not even lift off the ground until you address 7 core beliefs. Learn the beliefs and how to use them.

Listen to the Canaries

Just as canaries warned coal miners, Millennials are ringing the alarm for more than ping-pong tables. Decipher their song and learn key engagement strategies for the generation that controls the future of every industry.

Train Your Leader Mind

Successful Leaders intentionally wire their brains differently. Learn how to control and navigate your thoughts throughout the day and different scenarios to produce the results you need.

Lead Me, Lead Us, Lead Them

There is no such thing as a professional you and a personal you. Your organization is waiting for 100% of you to show up! Develop mindsets and implement strategies to Lead Whole and be authentically You in every room.

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