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Turning life's lemons into lemonade.

The ability to look at things in a different light.


The ability to view different angles and find one to your advantage.

Singing through to you in the darkness.

Book a Consulting Discovery Call

Book a 30-minute Consulting Discovery Call with Dr. Kim. She will use this opportunity to assess your organizational challenges and goals. The goal of this call is to assess if Dr. Kim’s services align with the right solutions for your organization.

Strategy Session

Strategy Sessions are intense sessions in which Dr. Kim provides quantifiable and actionable steps to address organizational challenges related to Leadership Burnout. All assessment tools will be sent to clients prior to the strategy session. Session last at least 60 minutes depending on the scope of the consultation.

Accountability Calls

‘Rome wasn’t build in a day’ and neither are sustainable solutions. Accountability Calls allow Dr. Kim to remain connected with her clients and facilitate implementation of strategies. Accountability calls are 15-minute progress calls with key personnel.

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