Dr. Kim Hires

Dr. Kim Hires


Dr. Kim is a global thought leader in leadership development, burnout prevention/recovery and organizational culture. She is an internationally recognized Leadership Coach and Keynote Speaker who helps leaders build inclusive, regenerative, future driven cultures.

Her Story

Reasons to Work with Dr. Kim

Her background empowers her to connect with a diverse roster of Clients and support them through all phases of their leadership journey. Dr. Kim brings a unique perspective as a First-Generation American, First-Generation College Student, Black Woman, Mother, and many intersecting identities that are historically missing from authentic discussions about company culture.

Her experience equips her to work across industries. Dr. Kim’s client portfolio includes startups, small businesses, and large organizations with over $1 billion in annual revenue. She combines research and coaching to help Leaders develop the mindset and skills needed to become industry Leaders of today and tomorrow.

Her story helps her see the human under the armor of leadership. Dr. Kim entered the coaching industry in 2014 after founding The Nightingale Firm. It was her own survival with burnout that made her recognize how Leaders are seldom trained on how to ensure their well-being, yet tasked with the responsibility of protecting everyone else. Today, she provides individual coaching, group coaching, corporate consulting and speaking services

Her training allows her to support mindset shifts and behavior change with quality research. As Kimberly A. Hires, PhD, RN, her professional career includes degrees and experiences from some of the top global institutions including Johns Hopkins University, the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Miami. She was an award-winning Professor in the US and maintains an honorary professorship at Durban University of Technology in Durban, South Africa. She is the author of The Leadership Innovation Manifesto, where she shares key mindsets that the most successful leaders have about change.

Dr. Kim is who leaders call when they want to develop global mindsets and learn strategies to work smarter, not harder. No one can “out work” this level of disruption. It’s time to innovate.

What Do I Believe

I believe that the future of leadership calls us to be Whole. For too long, we have led from a place that demanded that we sacrifice the very things needed to lead well – health, supportive relationships (family and friends), safety, and belonging. Building forward will take courage, healthy people and innovation. The future of work will require an individual relationship and collective culture with work in which work is no longer at war with wellness. – Dr. Kim

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